Research & Development Cell

Aims and Objectives:

1. To create awareness and opportunities in Research and development among the faculty and students.
2. To undertake research activities and fetch grants offered by various agencies.
3. To promote Institute R&D cell - Industry collaboration.

About Research & Development Cell

Research and Development cell is an integral part of the activities of M.E.S’s College of Engineering. This cell is one of the wings of the Institute which facilitates, channelizes, records, and regulates all the academic, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works in the Institute. In a world increasingly propelled by technology, academic research forms the mainspring of a nation’s economic growth. MESCOE aspires to transform the lives of young budding engineers through their innovative ideas to contribute for research at academic level. MESCOE is closely working with core industries to train the students in this direction. This objective will be very close to the heart of the industry in the direction of producing ready to be employed engineers. The key goal of the Institute is to provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive amongst the faculty and students. It also promotes and manages Institute-Industry interaction.


Dr. R. S. Kadam


Dr. R. A. Khan

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Dr. R.S. Kadam
Group Leader

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Dr. B. D. Nandre
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Prof. S.N. Dharwadkar
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Prof. P. S. Tondewad
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Prof.B. K. Bodkhe
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Name of the Research ProjectName of Principal Investigator/ Co-ordinatorFunding Agency AmountYear
Multimodal Biometric Recognition of Infants and Toddlers using Deep Learning Approach Dr. M.P.Dale,
Mrs. Vaishali Kamble
Department of Science and Technology 24.98 Lakh/- 3 Years
3D printing facility for Bio medical Applications under Cad/CAM laboratory Dr. V. N. Chougule AICTE 17,56,863/- 2 yrs (02/02/2021-01/02/2023)
Name of the Research ProjectName of Principal Investigator/ Co-ordinatorFunding Agency AmountYear
Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of Centrifugal Compressor using R410-A Refrigerant facility Dr. A. A. Keste BCUD, SPPU 1.5 Lakhs 2008-2010
Fingerprint Analysis Combining Local and Global Features in Transform Domain Dr.Mrs. M.P. Dale BCUD, SPPU BCUD, SPPU1.5 Lakhs 2008-2011
Synthesis and Characterization of nanoscalemetals, metal sulphides and metal oxides by novel polymer-inorganic solid state reactions Dr. D. S. Adkar. BCUD, SPPU BCUD, SPPU 2.50 Lakhs 2009-2012
Development of Methodology for Balancing of Multi-Cylinder Inline Diesel Engine Dr. S. H. Gawande BCUD, SPPU BCUD, SPPU 1 Lakhs 2009-2012
Numerical Analysis of Oil gas Furnace Performance using CFD and Heat Transfer Model for Different Time Period Prof. V. N. Chougule BCUD, SPPU 1.5 Lakhs 2011-2013
Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mr. Pranav Chokda, Vipul Agnihotri, Mukul Phutane [B.E. Computer Engg. Students] Guide: Prof. A. J. Hake Prof. S. K. Wagh R & D Cell, MESCOE Pune 5 Lac 2012-2013
Parametric Analysis of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant Prof. V. N. Raibhole BCUD, SPPU 2 Lac 2012-14
Iris image acquisition on the move Dr. S. P. Narote BCUD, SPPU 3 Lakhs 2012-2014
PAPR Reduction Technique in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Prof. P.N. Kota BCUD, SPPU. 2.10 Lakhs 2012-2014
Design of rough Set Processor for Control and Automotive Applications Prof. K. S. Tiwari BCUD, SPPU 1.50 Lakhs 2012-2014
Effective Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning Techniques Effective Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning Techniques Prof. S.K. Wagh Prof. S.K. Wagh BCUD, SPPU 50000 /- 2015-2017
Development of biometric system based on conjunctival vasculature Prof. S.N. Dharwadkar BCUD, SPPU 1.4 Lac 2013-2015
Role of active antenna in portable computing devices. Prof. R.S. Kadam BCUD, SPPU 1.2 Lac 2013-2015
Research in Erosion Wear Prof.B.D.Nandre BCUD, SPPU 70,000 2015-2017